Gallery 9 North
Glens Falls Art, LLC

Glens Falls Art is a mobile tintype studio creating portraits and scenics with the same process used during the Civil War. Back then, photographers regularly traveled from town to town, making portraits for people. We travel within the city of Glens Falls, the Adirondacks and upstate NY bringing you the same wet plate collodion tintype experience.

Look for Glens Falls Art and watch FREE, live demonstrations of this historic photographic process and have your own heirloom portrait made!
(518) 792-4551
The Shirt Factory Arts and Healing Center

The building is open 7 days a week, 8am-5pm. Hours for individual studios vary, check our website for current information
The Shirt Factory, once a renowned maker of shirts and dresses, is now home to over 70 studios offering a variety of products and services.  Loose leaf tea, acupuncture, framing, ceramics, clothing, baked goods, original artwork, yoga, salt lamps, fiber arts, yarn, martial arts, photography and, jewelry, are just a few of the things found here.  Individual hours and availability vary, check our website to discover upcoming events and classes as well as a complete listing of all current tenants and their availability.

71 Lawrence Street | 21 Cooper Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Eric Unkauf
(518) 907-4478